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Team Discraft's Dion Arlyn

Dion Arlyn / Team Discraft NAME: Dion Arlyn  
HOMETOWN: Corvallis, OR
PDGA #: 24781
BORN: 1987
day gig: Financial Services Consultant
  • 2010 WFDF Distance Champion (NUKE, 732 ft)
  • 2013 Fort Steilacoom Open Champion (A Tier)
  • 2011 Disc 'n Dat Bluegrass Open Champion (A Tier)
  • 2009 USDGC 14th Place (Major)
  • 2011 PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships 22nd Place (Major)
  • 25 PDGA career victories
  • 50+ PDGA top three finishes
  • Memorable disc golf moments
    Going on the road full time in 2011 was an amazing experience filled with lots of ups and downs. I nearly didn't make it out of Oregon before losing the transmission on my vehicle, but being prepared for an emergency allowed me to continue on even at the expense of missing the NT in Houston. It cost me one more transmission the following week but I made it to Texas eventually and began my life on the road (2,000 away from home and $3,000 poorer). As you can see from my PDGA stats I covered lots of ground and had a few very strong finishes. My overall highlight would have to be defeating Nate Doss and Avery Jenkins on the monster Idlewild course in Hebron, KY to win my first ever A tier. 90 holes of golf in one weekend! Quite memorable. Thanks to Discraft, Paragon, Gorilla Boy and everyone who helped me on the road with housing and travel for a once in a lifetime endeavor!

    In October of 2010 I fulfilled one of my many disc golf goals by competing in the Big D in the Desert event in Primm, NV. I went there with the intentions of setting a new personal best, and left with a World Title. In Oregon, I've always been known as a big-arm, and can typically be found showing off my 360 drives, but my hard work and years of practice on the range paid off when I threw 223 meters in the final round of the competition (my final throw, in fact) and secured the title. The whole weekend was a blast, from seeing GG bomb a drive over 800ft (longest throw of the weekend) to competing against the men that had inspired me to throw far in the first place. Thanks to Discraft for making the Nuke, and allowing me to throw my longest drive to date.
    In the Bag
    Distance with Dion
    Dion's Disc Golf Tips
    Dion Arlyn / Team Discraft

    Knowing when to attack the basket
    One key to putting together a solid round of golf is knowing when to play aggressive, and when to play smart. All too often during a competitive round of golf, I'd find myself attempting spectacular shots in order to birdie that one hole, you know the one, the hole where at the end of the round you get to tell everyone what a stud you are for throwing an epic drive over water and hazards and fifty-foot trees to park it under the basket for a drop in deuce. While I've had my fair share of epic birdies, I've also had a great deal of epic disasters. I can remember all too many times turning in my score card and talking to buddies about carding that great birdie, only to find I'm several strokes behind the tournament leader. I eventually wised up to the fact that golf isn't about one amazing throw per round; it's about one solid round of golf after another. My advice to up and coming players (specifically those with cannons for arms) is to learn which holes are worth the risk, and which holes shouldn't be trifled with.

    In The Disc Golf Bag: Drivers
    Disc Comments
    Ti, X, ESP, and Z Force
    (172 - 174)
    The Force is the best high speed driver in the game. I carry 4 to 5 Forces in the bag at all times and in all plastics and use this disc for all my long distance shots. The Force combines high speed stability and great glide to deliver insane distance and predictability off the tee.
    ESP and Z NUKE
    (174 gm)
    The NUKE flies too far to be in my bag, seriously! I tend to get into a lot of trouble when I have the NUKE in my hand since I just have to throw this disc far, sometimes father than the hole requires or allows. I keep a fresh stack of ESP and Z NUKEs on hand for distance competitions only. My longest recorded throws ever are with a Z NUKE: 732 ft at Big D in the Desert in 2010, winning the WFDF World Distance Title. I also threw 843 ft in Kansas during the GBO distance qualifiers... did I mention I hit a building before it stopped flying?
    Z Predator
    (174 gm)
    What can I say about the Predator that hasn't already been said? This disc is the crown jewel of drivers and is capable of huge distance, especially in the wind. This disc has a tremendous amount of glide for being as stable as it is. I carry several in the bag, and find myself only liking this disc more and more. Once a Predator seasons, it becomes a straight flyer with late fade that is perfect for those long tunnel shots. Brand new, the Predator is undeterred from its target!
    Z Surge
    (174 gm)
    You know a disc is made well when you've only had three different copies since 2011. If I hadn't lost my favorite Surge to the nuclear waters of Trojan park I may not have ever needed a second Surge in my bag. I use this disc as my main forehand driver since it flies dead straight up to 350 ft. This is the driver that makes it look so easy to park those tunnel shots in the woods.
    Z Surge SS
    (174 gm)
    This amazing roller disc has claimed more eagles on the disc golf course for me than any other disc in the bag. Simply because it goes exactly where I want it to, especially on those monster rollers. Just like the Surge, I've only needed two copies of this disc since 2011 because that durable Z plastic keeps going strong throw after throw.
    Z Mantis
    (174 gm)
    I love the Mantis for long turnover shots or short range rollers. During the off season I tend to play only back hand rounds for practice, and I usually only need a Mantis in the bag to play with. It goes everywhere you want on a nice smooth turn and is capable of pretty insane distance down wind.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Midrange
    Disc Comments
    (177 gm)
    I discovered the Drone in early 2010, and have never looked back. This disc is exactly what the power players needs: great resistance to turn and a hard, predictable finish. The Drone just loves being thrown with authority, and is great both off the tee, or from the fairway. Besides the Hornet, this is the most stable disc in the midrange lineup, and is my favorite short side arm disc. In 2010, I carded THREE tournament aces with this disc, as well as acing it the first time it had ever been thrown!
    Z Wasp
    (177 gm)
    The Wasp is one of those molds that you can count on. I've picked up several different copies of this disc from multiple sources and they all fly the same - amazing! I use the Wasp for my back hand tee shots under 350 ft or for windy approaches. I've also played a few one disc tournaments with this mold and have been very pleased with the results due to its versatility!
    Z Buzzz
    (177 gm)
    I've finally put a Buzzz in the bag, after years of not carrying this disc. I can't say what finally did it, but I can say that I love the Big Z version I throw. Straight flight, great glide, subtle hyzer finish, this disc does it all.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Putt and Approach
    Disc Comments
    D Ringer
    (174 gm)
    My main putter. This disc features a low profile and great stability that is able to handle the torque of side arm approaches. If I'm within 150 feet of the pin, chances are I'm using a Ringer. Great for windy days and calm conditions alike this disc is not easily swayed from its intended path of action.
    Course Comments
    Trojan Disc Golf Course
    Goble, OR
    During the Oregon Disc Golf Championships, Trojan Disc Golf Course in Goble, Oregon becomes the most challenging course in the Northwest. With water hazards coming into play on 12 of 18 holes and regular OB on all but one hole, this course tests every aspect of your game, including of all your nerve.
    Milo McIver State Park
    Estacada, OR
    36 Holes of beauty and amazing golf shots. Home of the Beaver State Fling, the best National Tour event of the season!
    Burlington, KY
    Idlewild is one of those rare disc golf courses that combines all of the aspects of the game into one round of golf. Length, accuracy, risk, reward - this course has it all! It is a beautiful park and a truly one of a kind experience.
    Adair Park
    Corvallis, OR
    My home course here in Corvallis, OR. A well designed, smooth flowing 18-hole course with a great variety of shots. Also one of the easiest venues to run a tournament, as the county park in which it is located is well groomed and the disc golf portion of the park gets very little interference.
    Whistler's Bend
    Glide, OR
    Ask any Oregonian his or her top three courses and you'll start to recognize that Whistler's Bend is on everyone's list. You only need to play hole 14 ""top of the world"" to see why!

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