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Team Discraft's Jon Perry

Jon Perry / Team Discraft NAME: Jon Perry  
HOMETOWN: Grand Rapids, MI
PDGA #: 39152
2014 PDGA RATING: 1003
BORN: 1984
day gig: professional disc golfer
  • 1st, 2013 DGLO A tier
  • Memorable disc golf moments
    Winning the 2012 Discraft Great Lakes Open was definitely the highlight of my career so far. It was an A tier victory over some of the world's best and a world champion.

    I love the road trips to tourneys with all my friends and fellow competitors, they're my favorite part of disc golf. You get to see everybody from around the state or country, everyone shares their triumphs and tribulations about the tourney, the whole ride home, awesome comradery.
    Course Comments
    Wayland, MI
    You will throw every shot in your bag. It's gorgeous, my favorite.
    Hudson Mills
    Dexter, MI
    The biggest win of my career here and its a beautiful park with two hard courses.
    Victory Park
    Albion, MI
    One of the most gorgeous parks around... oh and it has disc golf.
    Hawk Hollow
    Spotsylvania, VA
    Wow epic course: up, down, long, short, water... need I say more.
    Tiki Course
    Spotsylvania, VA
    The most fun you can have playing disc golf at night ever.
    Jon Perry / Team Discraft
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Drivers
    Disc Comments
    ESP and Z Crank
    (174 gm)
    I use stable domey ones. I can throw it hard and it won't flip and crushes on a hyzer. I use the ESP version for all out bombs. It's faster and more flippy then the Z Crank
    ESP and Z Force
    (172 - 174)
    The Force is my go to headwind driver or any big hyzers shot that I need to make sure goes left and only left and get max distance on a hyzer. I love how it's always predictable and never flips over.
    Z Tracker
    (174 gm)
    I like the Tracker's stable finish and consistent hyzer. I use it for controlled hyzers from 300 to 400 feet and love how it doesn't skip much when it finishes.
    Z Avenger
    (174 gm)
    The Avenger is similar to the Tracker but faster and has more finish and skip. It's stable and goes straight with hyzer finish. I love to use this for low ceiling hyzers 300 to 400 feet.
    ESP XL
    (174 gm)
    The XL is my straight flier and once it's beat in it's awesome for nice slow anhyzers. Throw it on a little hyzer and it will fill up every time. I use it for 300 to 400 foot straight shots.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Midrange
    Disc Comments
    Z Buzzz
    (177 gm)
    The Buzzz is always a go to midrange. It does whatever you tell it to do and is a fast flying midrange I can throw straight up to 400 feet.
    Z Comet
    (177 gm)
    The Comet is an amazing disc! Glides for a mile and is great for slow predictable anyhyzers or flip-up straight shots even in a raging tailwind.
    Ti Drone
    (177 gm)
    Super, super overstable. I can always depend on this to go left when I throw it backhand and it drops straight down with no glide. It's awesome for spike hyzers and short for hands with more control than a faster disc.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Putt and Approach
    Disc Comments
    D Focus
    (174 gm)
    My money putter for inside 30 feet. I love the shallow rim and it's just a little understable so I can use very little effort to float it straight in the basket.
    D Challenger
    (174 gm)
    I use this for my jump putts and stable tee shots. You can throw it flat and it will fly straight and finish a little hyzer or u can throw it on a hyzer and it will stay on a hyzer.
    D Magnet
    (174 gm)
    The Magnet has amazing glide. I use it for upshots and turnovers. It goes straight with little effort and holds straight, if you throw it harder it will turn on a nice slow anhyzer.

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