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Team Discraft's Ben Callaway

Ben Callaway / Team Discraft NAME: Ben Callaway  
HOMETOWN: Davenport, IA
BORN: 1987
PDGA #: 39015
day gig: construction sub-contractor
  • 2011 US National Amateur Champion
  • 2015 DGLO Champion
  • Ben's memorable disc golf moments
    Ben Callaway / Team Discraft I have two moments and both take place at the same event. USADGC 2010 final round... I had two rounds prior that were good enough to keep me in the top 15 with the stroke difference being 2 from top 10. Now if you've ever had the opportunity to play the Toboggan course in Milford MI, you know how tough it is with its huge elevation, demanding drives and the mentality to keep you going through each shot knowing how important each one is. I was having a great final round and with the last putt to end it, it was time to add up our scores. I wasn't keeping track of my own cause sometimes if I know the score it will mess with me mentally and throw me off my game, at the USADGC another player keeps your score anyway. As we were adding scores the player adding mine said I shot a 54 which is about 1030 rated round, hearing that number with the adrenaline pumping I doubled checked it but not good enough. As it turns out it was a 56 add a 2 stroke penalty and quickly became a 58 and that 56 would have put me in 2nd place but instead I took 6th.

    My second moment came the very next year at the same tournament as I arrived at the player check-in they were asking each competitor "So what are your expectations for the tournament?" When they asked me that question I answered straight faced "I'm going to win!" little did I know that said those words to Brian Sullivan, the manager for Team Discraft. As the tournament began I held a lead throughout two rounds with the third shortly ending and on hole 17 I had a two stroke lead and Brian walks up to me and says "Ya know before this tournament began I asked you how do you think you'll finish? And you said 'I'm going to win' as it turns out I work for Discraft. Here's my card, give us a call and great tournament!" Now that was said on hole 17 at the time I didn't realize the situation; I was in my own world and as I walked up 18's fairway laid up my for my three I could barely contain myself. The last putt of the 2011 USADGC fell, the crowd roared and I was awarded 1st place. That was my most memorable moment and I'll never forget it.

    Ben's disc golf tips
    Ben Callaway / Team Discraft If you're new to the game, you may be focused on distance and throwing high speed drivers on every hole. My advice is to pick up some mid-ranges possibly putters and learn how to throw them. If you have the luxury of local pros or leagues, ask them for advice. Most disc golfers are really helpful and will give you tips based on your most critical needs.

    For better distance, work on better form. Start with a good, secure and comfortable grip. When you reach back, act like your handing the disc off to a person behind you to help get your arm fully extended. Then follow through and snap your arm like a towel. Bam.

    A cool head on the course says a lot... I've heard this expression so many times and not until this past year did I truly understand it. When I was first starting out I was a bit of a hot head. I might take a big number on a hole and let it affect me for few holes after, before I knew it I had shot myself out of winning and sometimes cashing. These days if I do take big numbers or throw bad shots, I take my medicine, face the inevitable and move on from there.
    Course Comments
    West Lake
    Davenport, IA
    24 holes of a true testament to your abilities as a disc golfer, large bodies of water, very hilly terrain and a mental strain of finishing the round.
    Sioux Passage
    St. Louis, MO
    18 long, grueling holes of par 3s and 4s where if you don't have long drive capabilities off the tee, probably not your favorite course. Alas this is why I like it.
    Rock Hill, SC
    OB ropes are serious on this course, where it matters more so how your disc lands, rather than how far you can throw.
    Milford, MI
    The home of USADGC each year, very large terrain of hills where some holes can reach up to 900 ft. Also one of the most scenic courses I've ever played. The view off of number 1s tee pad is jaw dropping.
    Nokia Sports Center DiscGolfPark
    Nokia, Finland
    I haven't had the opportunity to play this course yet but from watching videos, seeing many pictures and the constant hype from other players who have played.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Drivers
    Disc Comments
    Z Nuke OS
    The most commonly thrown driver in the bag, hands down. Most predicable and reliable disc in any type of conditions, can manipulate it to shape many shots required on the course. Range 450ft-490ft.
    Z Force
    Second most thrown driver in my bag. It's much like the OS however not to same speed, which is perfect for those tweener holes. Range 400ft-420ft
    Z Avenger
    (170 - 174 gm)
    Very predictable straight go-to driver, also can manipulate to fade left or right. Range 325ft-375ft.
    ESP Pulse
    (174 gm)
    The pulse is a perfect for holding slight turnover drives and hyzerflip to flat shots. Range 300ft-350ft
    Z Crush
    (174 gm)
    Very stable tweener between a fairway and distance driver. Great for windy conditions and short sidearms. Range 300ft-320ft.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Midrange
    Disc Comments
    ESP Comet
    (167 gm)
    Probably my most thrown midrange. The Comet works perfectly for straight shots with very little effort, throw it at 70 percent power and watch it fly. Raange 300ft and in.
    Z Buzzz
    (175 - 180 gm)
    You don't need much explaining for this disc, it speaks for itself but give it a try. Most popular thrown disc on the market, very straight, can fade left or right very versatile. Range 300ft and in
    Z Hornet
    (175 gm)
    Very overstable midrange always holds a direct line and when it gets a little beat in. Also slightly shallow rim for easier handling. Range 300ft and in.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Putt and Approach
    Disc Comments
    ESP Zone
    Zone is the most overstable, predictable and popular putter on the market. If you don't have one in the bag, you're most likely in the minority. Range 200ft an in.
    D Focus
    (173 - 175 gm)
    The most important discs in the bag, they are my putters and how I manage to win events. Mine are a very stiff (rock hard) so I can apply some pressure with no indentation. They're slightly stable so I can putt a little harder to manipulate them. Range 70ft and in.
    D Challenger
    (174 - 175 gm)
    A lot of team members use this disc for putting but it found a different purpose in my bag and that's mostly upshots. It's most reliable to me off the tee or fairway, very straight with a slight fade right. Range 250ft and in.

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