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Team Discraft's Chris Hysell

Chris Hysell / Team Discraft NAME: Chris Hysell  
TEAM: Masters
HOMETOWN: Richmond, VA
PDGA #: 7382
BORN: 1963
day gig: Chief Draftsman for Hermitage Steel
disc Cred:
  • Victories are nice memories but they are in the past. I like to set goals. Now that I have achieved 100 PDGA victories I look forward to winning 100 more.
  • memorable disc golf moment:
    The 1st time winning an open event will always be my most memorable.
    Chris' Disc Golf Tips
    No Drivers For Newbies If you're new to the game, start with an approach or midrange driver,and master it inside and out. Figure out how to turn it in any direction, and how to get distance with it. Once you're comfortable and you've got your technique down, then it's time to reach for a Fairway Drivers.

    Three Putts Will Kill You
    Since I've been running weekly events for over 10 years now I have seen many new players who seem to make the same mistake over and over again. Whether it's a new amateur or an up and coming advanced player, they all feel the pressure to go for putts. A missed deuce putt can easily become a testy par putt. My suggestion is to develop a putting style that leaves you with either a drop in putt or one within the range that you are confident enough to make consistently. Eliminate a few unnecessary strokes on your card each round and you will find yourself moving up the scoreboard.

    Chris Hysell / Team Discraft Amaze Your Friends
    We all love to throw a trick shot while practicing or playing in a leisurely round. The beauty of a trick shot is that if you practice it and gain confidence with it it can become a natural shot that you might consider throwing off of tee pads. I guess the forehand roller has become my trick shot of choice. My confidence in it makes me throw it in tight woods instead of backhand shots. It's so versatile that once you master it you can throw it with virtually any disc in your bag just by changing the angle of release and by landing it properly. Practice it and amaze your friends.

    Reach For The Chains
    It's really frustrating to put your putts on line and have them end up hitting the basket either high or low. The common cause of this is the effect of head winds or tail winds. Flatter putt releases can help to correct this. When it's not windy I often notice players start to miss putts low as the day goes on. This can be caused by fatigue or lack of concentration. I typically call this habit 'reaching' because it appears that the player is reaching towards the actual cage of the basket. The easy fix is to stand up a little straighter and raise your release point up a few inches. Give it a try and hopefully it will work for you.

    Best Discs for Forehand Shots?
    As someone who sells a lot of plastic I'm often asked for advice from new players on which discs to use on forehand shots. Well the real answer is every disc has it's uses as a forehand disc. The majority of new players who are learning forehand shots need them to get out of trouble. Fortunately Discraft released the Zone and not only is it a good disc for short range forehand shots but I have found it to be a great training aid. Because of its stability it allows someone to throw a high lob anhyzer shot, a flat straight shot or a hyzer sidearm. A bonus is that this disc has a rounded edge so that minimal technique mistakes aren't exaggerated like they would be with a sharp edged disc. Grab a few Zones and go throw them. At least you won't be walking very far to pick them up.
    Course Comments
    (under construction)
    A private course that will end up being a great course.
    The Village
    Spotsylvania, VA
    It is a private course in Ashland Va that I had a big part in the design and work required to make it all happen.
    Spotsylvania, VA
    This course has such a good use of open spaces, woods and elevation.
    New Quarter Park
    Williamsburg, VA
    A championship course in historic Williamsburg
    Zephyr Cove
    Lake Tahoe, NV
    It has an incredible view of Lake Tahoe and the elevation changes on the course make it very challenging.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Drivers
    Disc Comments
    Z Crank
    (173 gm)
    This disc feels good in my hands and has the best control of a driver. I am able to throw it as a turnover, straight shot or hyzer shot and trust it's results. In the woods I'm going to throw this disc without any fear of missing the fairway.
    ESP Crank
    (173 gm)
    I still carry my original Team stamped Crank in my bag. It has begun to show some wear but it is very straight and can be used for a turnover shot or for a really long roller if I need it for that shot. I carry a new ESP Crank for those wide open spaces when I need to try to get max distance. I trust this disc to fly far with control.
    ESP and Z NUKE
    (164 gm)
    I managed to get a batch of overstable lightweight Z Nukes that are easy to throw and very consistant in their flight path. I have been throwing them for years. They hold the line and have a very good left fade at the end of their flight. I carry a really light ESP Nuke for the situations where I absolutely have to get around or over an obstacle. With a lighter disc I always seem to hit my line higher or wider and since I know this I use it to my advantage. I keep an overstable Z Nuke in the bag for spike shots and forehand shots that need to turn sharply.
    (164 gm)
    I use the FLX Nuke as my main forehand driver. I was using Z Glow Nukes but lost one in a tournament and gave this a try. The grip and flight path were exactly what I wanted. It has great stability and will recover from any degree of turnover.
    Ti NUKE SS
    (164 gm)
    I went to this for longer turnover shots and backhand rollers. It was understable from the beginning and easy to control.
    ESP and Z Surge
    (172 gm)
    I carry an old ESP surge for straight shots, forehand rollers and forehand turnover shots. The Z Surge is used for my touch forehand shots. It's easier to throw straight and make it land where I want it to.
    Z Stalker
    (175 gm)
    This is new to the bag and has recently started taking the duties of my Stalker. I like it because it doesn't require much effort to get it going on a good line. Over the next year I expect it will get lots of throws. .
    Z Avenger SS
    (170 gm)
    This may be the most versatile disc in my bag. I use it for everything. I throw it for backhand hyzers, turnovers and really trust it for long rollers. And I do the same thing with it forehand.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Midrange
    Disc Comments
    ESP and Z Meteor
    (177 gm)
    These discs have quickly become favorites of mine. I like being able to throw easy, controlled straight shots with these discs. In the open they are also great for tailwind throws. I never really had confidence in straight shots until I tried the Meteor.
    FLX Buzzz
    (168 gm)
    The Buzzz is a really great midrange. It flies very straight and is easy to control.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Putt and Approach
    Disc Comments
    Soft Magnet
    (174 gm)
    I have been putting with Magnets since the mid 90's and I try to keep one new and one old Soft Magnet in the bag.
    ESP Zone
    (171 gm)
    The Zone is the best disc ever produced by Discraft. It can be used as a putter, roller, forehand or backhand thrower. If the hole is short I will use it off of the tee. If the hole is long it will be used to approach. I would be lost without a Zone in my bag.

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