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Team Discraft's Dan Ginnelly

Dan Ginnelly / Team Discraft NAME: Dan 'Dano' Ginnelly  
TEAM: Masters
HOMETOWN: Scottsdale, AZ
PDGA #: 3591
2012 PDGA RATING: 987
BORN: 1961
disc Cred:
  • Inducted into Disc Golf Hall of Fame, 2008
  • Built the Memorial up from a 50 player event to one of the top rated NT events hosting up to 400 players each year.
  • 3 time KC Wide Open Champ
  • 2 time DGLO Champ
  • 3 time Bob West Memorial Champ
  • Dan is pushing close to a hundred PDGA wins since 1985
  • Team Discraft co-captain
  • memorable disc golf moment:
    That would be a toss up between being inducted into the Hall of Fame, and the final moments of Memorial each year when everyone is happy and it's almost time to rest.
    Dano's Disc Golf Tips
    Lots of players need to get a grip. A good one, that is. Eighty percent of recreational players will have their thumb right on the edge of there disc. We call this a loose grip, and it often creates disc flutter and a loss of distance. Try a grip with your thumb at least an inch off the edge. I think you'll like the results.

    Remedy for tray/cage putting: When following through from lower stance to the release point of the putt, focus on keeping your chin up. This technique will increase your success in clearing the tray.

    Power isn't everything. There's a lot to be said for finesse. A smooth throw will get you the results with a lot less effort than a power throw. Focus on rotating the upper body while following through with the hips.
    Dan Ginnelly / Team Discraft

    Team Discraft Co-Captain Dan Ginnelly of Arizona is one of the most influential players and promoters of the game. He served as Tournament Director for both the 2003 Pro Worlds and 2005 Am Worlds, and runs one of the sports biggest and most popular annual NT events: The Memorial. Dan is also an accomplished course designer, and owns Spinners On The Green, a disc golf and sports store in Scottsdale. He was inducted into the Disc Golf Hall of Fame in 2008.

    La Mirada
    La Mirada, CA
    Santa Cruz, CA
    Fountain Hills
    Fountain Hills, AZ
    Vista Del Camino
    Scottsdale, AZ
    Kensington Toboggan
    Milford, MI
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Drivers
    Disc Comments
    ESP Surge
    (174 gm)
    When the Surge first came out I aced a hole just over 400 feet. Only the second time that had happened on a hole that long in my 20+ years career. I aced again on January 12th, 2010 on long pin, hole #16 at Ft. Hills during a doubles round with young bucks, Paul Ulibarri and Nikko Locastro. I love this disc!
    (169 gm)
    As I get older, it's getting tougher put the heat on something like the Flash. NUKE has proven to be a good replacement. The lighter weight makes it more controllable and boy, does it go far!
    Z XL
    (172 gm)
    The XL comes out when I need a disc to throw straight through a tight fairway. Same deal in a wooded area.
    Z Stalker
    (172 gm)
    Trying to replace the XL with this one. Don't have to try as hard to get Stalker to go where the XL used to go for me.
    ESP Avenger SS
    (172 gm)
    Used for roller shots or long straight narrow shots when I need it to flip up.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Midrange
    Disc Comments
    ESP Buzzz
    (172 gm)
    I use the Buzzz for short turnover shots. It has great control.
    Z Buzzz SS
    (173 gm)
    Put a fresh one in your bag and it's just like putting a seasoned Buzzz in there. Awesome.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Putt and Approach
    Disc Comments
    D Rattler
    (172 gm)
    The Rattler is old school, and I love it. Floats like no other so I can run at long putts and not go too far by if I miss.
    D Challenger
    (172 gm)
    I love throwing it 300 feet and under on upshots or drives, as long as there is a high ceiling. The Challenger is a very slow flyer so I have to throw it with lots of height if I'm going for distance. Plus it is a great windy day putter.

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