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Team Discraft's Courtney 'Pixie' Cannon

Courtney 'Pixie' Cannon / Team Discraft disc golf pro NAME: Courtney 'Pixie' Cannon  
PDGA #: 70634
Go to driver Thrasher
day gig: graphic designer, web designer, aspiring business coach
notable: I won my first open event at the Sugar Land Showdown in 2016 I got second place at Bowling Green Ams 2016, then moved up to Pro.
Course Comments
Shawshank DGC
Huntsville, TX
It's a top of the line very technical 21 hole course. Each hole is named with something that pertains to the movie prison movies, because the property is located near the area prison, and the owner loves the movie : Shawshank Redemption.
De Laveaga
Santa Cruz, CA
Extremely fun, and challenging course with scenic views of the ocean and Monterey Bay.
Hobson Grove
Bowling Green, KY
Awesome technical shots throughout this well manicured park, played around the historic Hobson House.
Panasea Ranch
Middleburg, KY
This course is like no other. Extreme elevation changes throughout the whole course that is covered with ponds and other out of bounds. This is a huge course designed for big bomber shots.
Spring Valley
Spring, TX
Spring Valley is my home course. It has a power 9 that runs along the regular Golf course, and a finesse 18 hole course that is very tight and technical. The course owners treat their golfers well and make sure that there is food and beverages on site, along with just about any disc you could want.
In The Disc Golf Bag: Drivers
Disc Comments
Big Z and Z Thrasher
Big Z- This is my favorite distance driver. I use it for big hyzer flipped straight shots and big hyzer lines. I'm very accurate with it. Big Z Thrashers are my favorite disc. My longest throws with these range around 375 ft. I throw some of my best shots with this disc.

Z- This is one of my distance drivers. I use it for long turn over shots when I throw it with power. I'm very accurate with it for hyzer- flip sidearms. It's a very controllable disc. I throw it around 350 ft.
Z and ESP Force
ESP- I love the ESP Forces. The stability of this disc is perfect for me. I have a lot of arm speed and this disc allows me to really rip into my shot and know that after it flips up and pushes, it's going to come back for me every time. The longest shot I've thrown so far with an ESP Force is around 320. As my form fine tunes I know this will become my go to distance driver.

Z- I use Z Forces for sidearms and backhands. They're a bit more stable than the ESP forces, so they handle the snap on my sidearms better than the ESP plastic does, and go about 275 ft. I use this disc for a lot of shots. Skip shots with them are my favorite. I also love their stability in a headwind. I can smash the shot with all my might on a little bit of hyzer and it will flip up and just go and go till it starts hyzering, usually with a nice little skip at the end (:
Z Predator
I use these fairway drivers for sidearms and backhands. On my sidearms I use these when I don't want as big of a skip in the finish. They go about the same distance as my Z Force [ 275 ft ] but go a little slower and don't finish as hard. It's definitely my go to sidearm disc. They're extremely predictable for back hands as well. I can throw them as hard as I can and they'll always hyzer back. Back hand shots with these I get about 300 ft on average.
Big Z Crank
I use these for my long sidearm shots. They complete the full S for me and I can get them about 300 ft on average. I also use them for backhands. I like the distance I get out of them in headwinds especially. They handle it so well and go so far[ 350 ft ]. Without a good headwind I probably get about 325 feet out of them.
Big Z and Z Crank
Z- I use these for fairway shots around 250 - 300 feet. They go dead straight for me and just sits down in the end. They feel so good in my hand and just like all Discraft discs, are extremely consistent.

Big Z- I use these for fairway shots of the same distance, but that need a little more of a hyzer in the finish.
Big Z Heat
Another disc that I use for tunnel shots and straight shots. It's extremely reliable for me. I can do many things with this disc. It's one of my most beloved utility discs. I get around 340 - 360 feet. In tailwinds I hyzer flip them and they go further.
Z Undertaker
I love this disc because it is very consistent. I can't crush this disc, and that comes in handy for shorter hyzer lines, and I know it won't turn on me, and it won't go long. I can flick this disc through a gap confidently, and know it will finish with a good amount of fade.
Glo Z Zombee
I use these sidearm for shots about 175 - 225 feet, and back hand shots about 250-275. They handle the wind well and have a mad amount of glide. Controllable and consistent anhyzer disc. I am in love with Glo Zombees.
Glo Z Glide
Any time I need to scramble or get out of trouble, I'm usually reaching for my Glide. They're super controllable understable discs. I can manipulate this disc for so many different shots using different arm speeds. My favorite shot with these are sidearm upshots. My Glide always saves me strokes.
In The Disc Golf Bag: Midrange
Disc Comments
Z Meteor The Meteor is my favorite mid. Great for wooded courses, it is an effortless thrower, following whatever line I put it on with little to no fade. Best for tunnel shots, I throw it on a slight hyzer and let it flip up to straight and it will hold that line all the way through it's flight path. Very versatile disc!
Supercolor Buzzz This disc is my go to midrange. I can put my Buzzz on any line, and it will hold it. I use these for most backhand shots that need to go 250-290. They handle the wind well. Buzzz's are literally the best disc in disc golf, hands down!
Big Z and Z Buzzz OS Z - I use these for sidearm upshots that need to go from 175 - 250 feet. The Z plastic Buzzz OS gives me a full S on a sidearm and doesn't finish as hard as my Big Z Buzzz OS. I also use these for backhand shots about the same distance, but for my backhands I release them on a bit of anhyzer with a lot of armspeed and they fly the full S about 250 ft.

Big Z - I love this disc for side arm hyzer upshots. It is very overstable and every time I throw it, I fall in love all over again. I'm so comfortable with this disc. It saves me strokes every time I step on a course. I'm so grateful for this disc's existence! The person who created this is a genius!
In The Disc Golf Bag: Putt and Approach
Disc Comments
D Ringer I use these for putt/upshots 145 to 90 feet. It's a decently stable putter, feels super yummy in the hand, and is extremely consistent. This is my go to driving putter as well! I love the lines it will hold and the distance I get out of them. On backhand drives with this putter I get about 275 ft on average. They just pop up and ride straight forever. This is my favorite disc on the planet. I'm looking forward to trying some different plastics of the Ringer mold.
X Soft Challenger From the feel of the grippy plastic in the hand, to the perfect stability, THIS PUTTER IS AMAZING! I feel so confident with Challengers in my hand. They are my putting putters. The grippy plastic isn't just good for your hand... They grip the chains so well. Even in the rain. They're great off the tee as well.

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