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Team Discraft's Nicole Adden

Nicole Adden / Team Discraft disc golf pro NAME: Nicole Adden  
PDGA #: 79447
Go to driver Avenger SS
day gig: I.T. Analyst at Cisco Systems
  • 1st, 2016 Charlotte Amateur Championship
  • 1st 900+ rated round, Azalea Open
  • Highest rated round: 922 at Cornwallis Road Park
    Course Comments
    Apex Nature Park
    Apex NC
    My home course where I spend most of my time practicing.
    Chapel Hill NC
    The most beautiful course I have ever played, located on the campus of the University of Chapel Hill.
    The Scrapyard
    Matthews NC
    AA great, underrated wooded course outside Charlotte.
    Castle Hayne Park
    Wilmington NC
    Nicknamed Castle Pain for its ability to destroy you with its degree of difficulty.
    Buckhorn DGC
    New Hill NC
    A pretty difficult course with lots of woods and water to contend with.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Drivers
    Disc Comments
    Z Lite and Z Avenger SS
    Z - Great distance driver that can be thrown hard and still go straight with a little fade at the end. On a course I play quite often, I was never able to clear the creek right in front of the basket. With this disc, not only did I clear the creek for the first time, I parked it right under the basket for my first birdie on that hole. This disc gives me the confidence I need to go for it.

    Z Lite - Great understable disc for turnover shots with a nice long fade. Throw it flat and hard, and watch it go the opposite direction of all other stable to overstable discs.
    Z Lite and Z Mantis
    Z Lite - This lightweight disc is my go-to distance driver. It's ability to fly perfectly straight with a consistent fade at the end has earned spot in my bag. Due to the lighter weight, I am able to get a little more distance out of it. It's not a very forgiving disc, but throw it perfectly flat, and fall in love with the results.

    Z - Great S shot disc that gives the ability to navigate through wooded courses. The ability to generate a nice S shot also means longer flight for more distance.
    Z Lite Crank SS This is a dependable lightweight driver that won't turnover. Nice straight flight with a sharp fade at the end to cut those corners. The lighter weight allows for more distance. Definitely more overstable than the regular Z plastic.
    Glo Z Undertaker Great, dependable disc that I know will always fade at the end, despite how hard it is thrown or what angle it is thrown at. Generally used for when I need a fairway shot with a harder fade at the end.
    Z Heat
    Dependable straight or slight turnover based on how hard it is thrown. Great for straight shots with a small fade at the end. My go-to disc for straighter fairway shots. This disc is the sole reason I scored my first 900+ rated round in my first FPO tournament.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Midrange
    Disc Comments
    ESP FLX Meteor Confident and dependable disc. Throw it hard or soft and it will always have a dependable fade. A great approach disc to throw in any type of wind and a wide range of distances. This is my go-to over water disc because I am confident in its dependable flight path, and I haven't lost it yet.
    Z FLX and Z Buzzz SS Z FLX - This is my straight disc. One of the hardest shots in disc golf is throwing a straight shot. With this disc, I am finally able to throw a confident midrange straight shot. I love the feel and the results of the Z FLX plastic.

    Z - This is a great disc for its ability to go straight or a slight turnover or anhyzer shot. A must have utility disc. This is a dependable disc because I know I can throw it hard for turnover shots and not live in fear that it will cut roll.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Putt and Approach
    Disc Comments
    X Soft Zone My go-to disc for the majority of my up shots. I can throw it as hard or as soft as I need and I will always be able to trust its dependable fade. It can also make a nice S shot, to help wind between trees and get out of trouble. Being a primarily forehand thrower, I never threw a lot of midranges or putters because I didn't like how the rim felt. The Zone feels great in my hand and has had a primary spot in my bag since the first day a Team Discraft member introduced it to me.
    X Soft Roach My one and only putter for seeking the chains. The softness grips the chains and deadens bounces. Also a great straight thrower. I love the soft grippy plastic. I have dry skin and find most putters too slick to grip properly. The X Soft Roach gives me a great grip, every time, especially in the winter.

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