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Tournament Sponsorships

This page has sponsorship info for tournaments. See also: Club Sponsorships.

Discraft tournament sponsorship program 2014

Tournaments help disc golf to grow, and Discraft supports you!

The Discraft tournament sponsorship program

  • 1-click player packs: easy and instant player packs
  • Lower minimums: get as few as 50 custom discs!
  • More models: choose up to 5 disc models... or more!
  • Rock bottom pricing: better than wholesale!
  • Stock disc options: expand your model choices! Mix and match!
  • Exclusive access to Ti Challenger fundraisers available only to tournaments!
  • Earn D-Dollar Rewards with every order, no minimum!

What's new in the Discraft tournament sponsorship program

New 1-click player packs!
$10 per player gets you an instant player pack valued at $34, so you'll have happy players and have time to focus on other things.

Discraft sponsorship 1-click player packs

How Does Tournament Sponsorship Work?

It's easy, it's awesome.
  1. You order at least 50 custom tournament discs with your tournament art and date on them for a super low cost.
  2. You can raise funds by selling them at retail prices, or give them out in your player pack.

What you get
On top of your sweet custom discs, we pile this on top:
  1. 1-click player packs: easy and instant player packs that will bring in tons of players.
  2. D-Dollar Rewards. Choose from tons of packages that you can use to promote your event, or as giveaways.
  3. Exclusive access to fundraiser discs: Ti Challenger and all CryZtal models!
  4. No set-up fees on your custom order!
  5. Banner, stickers and pencils... all free for the asking!
  6. Two hats and two staff shirts, no charge man!

What you give
As a sponsored event, you agree to provide sponsor status to Discraft. This includes:
  1. Adding a Discraft logo and web link in all event promos (web site, emails, forums, fliers, event shirts, program, etc)
  2. Display of Discraft banner at event.
  3. Any other benefit your event provides to primary sponsors.

Help With Art Creation:
Need art help? We have some free design templates that we're happy to add your tournament info to. If you have your design but need help converting it to conform to our art specs, the Discraft Art Department can assist for free or a nominal fee depending on your needs.

With Discraft tournament sponsorship you can triple your funds lightning fast. If you merchandise your $7.00 ESP Crank at the suggested retail price of $17.99, that one sale generates $10.99 of profit for your tournament! It will add up quickly. PDGA sanctioning is not required to be eligible, but your tournament name and event date must be included in your artwork.

Plus D-Dollar Rewards can add to your swag: Now EVERY tournament sponsorship includes D-Dollars that you can cash in for free CTPs and other prizes... even a basket to use for additional fundraising. See details below.

Save even more: No set up fees
We'll also waive your die and set-up charges to save you another $60. You will also get (on request): 2 TD staff shirts and hats, a large Discraft event banner, 50 stickers and a box of 144 pencils... in addition to whatever you choose to spend your D-Dollars on.

Compare the Discraft sponsorship package to the other company...
Your choice is easy:

Compare Discraft against the competition

Crunch some numbers, see the massive dividends:

You can quickly triple your fundraising dollars with Discraft sponsorship!

Our tournament sponsorship packages apply only to custom printed tournament golf discs. Minimum order: 50 pieces minimum with a 10-piece minimum per model. Your art work must include the tournament date and name to be eligible. All pricing and products subject to change without notice.

When you're ready to order:

Hot Stamp order forms:
  • Excel (download, complete and email to us)
  • PDF (download, print, complete and return)

  • Mini order forms:
  • Excel (download, complete and email to us)
  • PDF (download, print, complete and return)

  • The D-Dollar Rewards Program
    The table below shows the extra D-Dollars you will receive towards sponsorship based on your total tournament sponsorship custom golf disc purchase. You can spend those D-Dollars on a wide assortment of packages or individual items from the D-Dollar Store. Remember: to be eligible, your tournament name and date must be on the disc.

    Discraft D-Dollar Rewards Schedule

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